Asian Food Fair

This semester I attended the Asian Food Fair once again. This event combined my enjoyment of food with my interest in Asian culture and heritage. It was different this year as it was outside rather than inside, and so it was a nice day to enjoy the myriad of Asian food available at the fair. It is exciting to me that the campus is diverse enough to hold an Asian Food Fair with food from all different Asian countries. While each country’s cuisine is interesting and enjoyable on its own, it was an experience only available in a country such as the United States and a place such as OU where I could experience so many different Asian cuisines at the same time. It was also interesting to compare how Asian food is similar and dissimilar to foods from other cultures. For example, most Asian food is a protein cooked with a certain carb, usually rice or noodles, on the side and in a special sauce. This is not so different from cuisines of other cultures, but Asian food can be easily identified with the type of spices and sauces that are used in it that differentiate it from food from other countries.

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