AASA Music Night

This semester, I attended the AASA music night that was held in Beaird Lounge in the Union in collaboration with CAC Concert Series. I really like music, so when I heard about the event I thought it would be a cool way to support musicians who come from an Asian-American background. The event had food and performances from different Asian Americans performing very different things. While I was expecting pretty much everyone to sing, there were some more unique performances as well. The first performance was actually a saxophone player who played everything from popular saxophone songs like Careless Whisper to more modern songs, such as Drake’s Hotline Bling. The performance was very fun and had everyone laughing. The other performances included people singing and playing instruments like guitar and the piano. What I liked most about this event was that I was able to see the different talents that people of similar background to me have. There is an issue of Asian American representation, so going to events such as this one where Asian Americans have the opportunity to present themselves as normal, talented people is awesome and I hope there are more in the future.

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