Spanish Club Meeting

This semester I attended a Spanish Club meeting. I went to the meeting with my friend who has been studying Spanish since middle school, so he was pretty experienced. I do not currently study Spanish, but I used to study Spanish when I was in elementary school and find it to be a very useful language, especially in the United States. Additionally, growing up I was around Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. Tagalog is very similar to Spanish, so it helps me to understand Spanish slightly. At the meeting everyone split off into tables based on skill level, so I sat with other beginner Spanish speakers. I met different students who were studying Spanish and practicing their own language skills, and even though I didn’t have much experience it was nice to try. After talking for a bit, we played Spanish hangman. It was a fun experience as it exposed me to different Spanish words that I wasn’t familiar with, as I mostly only knew Spanish cognates. It was an interesting time going to a meeting for one of the most popularly studied languages, as students from all different backgrounds wanted to learn Spanish. Even though I haven’t studied Spanish recently, the meeting gave me an appreciation for how useful and important it can be to learn Spanish.

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