Multicultural/Diversity & Inclusion Engineering Program

My international group this semester was also the Multicultural/Diversity & Inclusion Engineering Program. It has been bittersweet being involved with the group, as it has been an amazing resource, support group, and way to meet people of diverse backgrounds. The organization has been very helpful, as engineering can not only be overwhelming, but can also make it difficult to have time to meet people besides others in my specific engineering program. Looking back on the importance of the D&I Program, it is evident how important this resource is for people from diverse backgrounds. In comparison to the typically ultra competitive engineering programs, the D&I Program provided guidance from the mentors along with support from other students. Many people from less privileged backgrounds often have to work through college or deal with issues that others may not have to worry about, which made the D&I Program extremely valuable for everyone involved. Since this was my last semester, it was a weird experience leaving an organization that I have been involved with for so long and moving to alumni status. We had a banquet that honored the graduating seniors, and it was very nice having my parents and sister there while I walked on stage. It was amazing to feel such a strong sense of belonging and support because of the D&I Program, and I cannot wait to give back to the organization in the future, as it has given so much to me.

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