Multicultural Engineering Program

This semester I have gotten involved with the Multicultural Engineering Program. It is a program put into place to connect multicultural engineering students, and engineering students in general, to each other, to alumni, and to job opportunities. I have really appreciated the Multicultural Engineering Program because I have gotten a chance to know other students from different backgrounds and cultures, something that is sometimes hard to find just in my classes. Through the program, I also got the chance to attend a Spring Break trip around Dallas and Houston which was very rewarding. We went to various companies and met with OU Multicultural Engineering Program alumni, who were all very nice and excited to show us their companies. We also got to meet Jim Gallogly, who is the new namesake of the Engineering College. My favorite part, though, was getting to know the other Multicultural Engineering students on the trip and meeting people who have similar values to me. I’m very glad I got involved with this organization and it has already given me many opportunities.

I really appreciate the Multicultural Engineering Program because it introduces me to other students with diverse backgrounds who are interested in the same thing as I am professionally. One thing I have noticed is that I tend to gravitate towards people with diverse backgrounds but similar interests as me, whereas I know some people tend to gravitate towards people with similar backgrounds as them but not necessarily similar interests or values. Not only has the Multicultural Engineering Program introduced me to students of diverse backgrounds, it has also introduced me to various diverse OU alumni who are doing really interesting things with their lives and careers. The most important part about the Multicultural Engineering Program to me is that it supports people from different backgrounds. It is often hard to feel support or guidance in engineering programs, which are typically dominated by white men, but the Multicultural Engineering Program encourages people from less privileged backgrounds and ensures they feel like they have a chance in the industry.

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