Security Challenges in a Turbulent World: Fewer Enemies, More Challenges, and Greater Anxiety

I was fortunate enough to hear Thomas Fingar speak, a professor at Stanford University who has experience working at the Office of the Director of International Intelligence as the Deputy director of National Intelligence for Analysis while also serving as the Chairman for the National Intelligence Council. Mr. Fingar was a very interesting speaker and provided a lot of insight as to what is really going on with security in this day and age. Recently, the issue of national security has been a hot topic, especially with the NSA, ISIS, and informational leaks. Fingar spoke about the post-Cold War era of security and the importance of terrorism in this day and age. He addressed who uses it and the role it holds in the modern age, and painted a fuller picture of national security than anyone who I have talked to ever could. He also addressed something very new in society, and that is cyber warfare. He talked about the implications of cyber warfare, something that I previously thought of as the “new way” of carrying out war. From his explanation, though, it seemed like simply an additional way to break down another country rather than a replacement for physical war. Everything he talked about was extremely interesting to me and really opened my eyes to the reality of security in the United States.

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