Video Games as a Force of Globalization

Video games have always been a big part of my life, from my childhood up until now. I grew up playing Nintendo 64 and GameBoy Advance, and many games from Japan had a big influence on my life and outlook on things as a kid. These games were presenting something that was a bit harder to find immediately surrounding me, and that was curiosity and imagination. The games I enjoyed were objectively bizarre, such as Pokemon, which involved capturing different monsters inspired by animals, and Kingdom Hearts, which combined different American Disney cartoons with a Japanese inspired plot focused around the battle between dark and light. These games, although coming from across the globe, shaped my sense of adventure and wonder. Now, I still continue to play video games created in different parts of the world, whether from Europe, Asia, or the Americas. One thing that has blown my mind in recent years is how the advancement of the Internet has allowed me to enjoy these games with people from all over the world. Games such as League of Legends and Mario Kart have allowed me to interact with and enjoy an experience with people from all around the world at the same time. I often wonder what the people in those other countries are doing and how their lives differ from mine culturally. It is an amazing phenomenon and one that I hope continues to become more and more globalized.

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